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Crab Editing

Professional Editing & 
Proofreading Services
For Indie Authors



Proofreading is the most basic package I offer. With this, I will check your final draft for grammar and punctuation mistakes before being sent for publication. 

The copy edit is a more extensive proofread, which includes not only a check of grammar and punctuation, but also overall plot and character consistency.

Please note: I do not provide developmental editing services. 

The line edit is the most in-depth package I offer. During a line edit, I will check for extraneous and overused words and sentences, run-on sentences, and redundancies. I will also check for dialogue or paragraphs that can be tightened or polished, scenes where the action or meaning is confusing, and transitions that can be improved. Additionally, I will check word/phrase meaning, syntax, narrative digressions, and pacing of passages. This line edit will improve the overall flow and presentation of your words.


Copy Editing
Line Editing

My Prices

Proofreading: $150 per 60,000 words - 2 day turnaround

Copy Editing: $200 per 60,000 words - 3-4 day turnaround

Line Editing: $225 per 60,000 words - 4-5 day turnaround

Copy & Line Editing Package: $350 per 60,000 words - 7 day turnaround

All prices are customizable - we will work with you to fit your budget. Reach out for a custom quote!

Why am I so inexpensive compared to other editors?

At my core, I believe in supporting the indie author community. It is my passion that independently and self-published authors have access to professional resources that they may not be able to afford otherwise. Therefore, I keep my prices low with them in mind. 



Hi there! I'm Phoebe Liu, but you may know me as Crab from Crab and Bell Books. I have 10 years of experience editing various document types including manuscripts, indie books, and legal documents. I possess a Bachelor's Degree in English Linguistics and a Master's Degree in Library Science. As a proofreader and editor, my goal is to help you take your manuscript from a rough gem to a polished work of art.

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Sam, Author

Crab is truly exceptional. Their expertise elevated my manuscript to new heights. Their meticulous editing, valuable feedback, and collaborative approach made the process smooth and efficient. Highly recommended!

Authors who have worked with
Crab Editing

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